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Right Consult provides inspection and testing services for all types of fire suppression systems.


From installing an additional smoke detector to delivering a complex multi-site networked fire alarm installation project, we take pride in every job


The electronic security and fire management systems are checked by highly qualified technicians who review the systems programming, and adjusts components when necessary.


Right Consult will provide an immediate response to fire suppression system refills.

10 Years of experience in electronic security

In today’s world, crime has become sophisticated.
The last decade has seen tremendous increase in corporate, public and domestic crime across the globe.
Victims are left battered, in despair and sometimes murdered.
Crime breaks the spirit of a nation and the ties that bind a family

now is the time to heave a sigh of relief-
Arguably the fastest emerging security company in Ghana with global partners and utterly superior expertise in safety,security and fire management.

Your safety is guaranteed

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10 Years of experience in fire management systems.

With the recent increase in fire out brake, one needs professionals to help plan,
Prevent and fight fire in other to save lives and properties in their premises. We provide special fire management applications for: Houses, Offices, Warehouses, Oil and gas facilities, Data centers,
IT facilities, Mining industries, and many more.
Our services include:
Fire risk assessment, fire containment or protection, fire drill, fire education, fire detection, fire suppression, why wait for fire to destroy your properties? when you can prevent it.

Welcome to right consults ltd
Your total fire management partner

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